DIY Christmas Slime


  1. Red , green or white glitter glue
  2. borax
  3.  3 bowls
  4. Super absorbent polymer
  5. Water
  6. Parents permission


1. Pour 1 bottle of elmers glitter glue into a medium size bowl. Then fill the glue bottle with water and shake it. After pour the water into the bowl with the glitter glue in it. Now put this bowl aside

2.In an empty bowl pour in a cup of warm water and mix it with a teaspoon of borax. Mix in a little of this solution into the glue solution keep adding in the borax solution little by little. You don’t need to add all the borax solution just keep adding until the slime looks like you can hold it without it feeling really thin. Once you take the slime out of the bowl knead it with your hands.

3.Then take a small spoon of  Polymer and add it into an empty bowl then add water only a little at a time. Keep adding until you think it’s good. Then take a handful of polymer and knead it into the slime.

          And that is how you make Christmas crystal slime



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